In previous posts, we have mentioned how Artificial Intelligences have gone viral thanks to the artistic results that show people who are encouraged to use them. Becoming very popular, it was to be expected that some popular characters like Hitori Gotō of Bocchi the Rock! and Makima of Chainsaw Man, rem of Re:Zero and more waifus are used to “exploit” the tools of these Artificial Intelligences. In recent times, their results have gone viral on the internet.

Hitori Gotou De Bocchi The Rock!  Turns into an adorable and charismatic Nendoroid figure

In a surprising way, the Twitter account «Waifu.AI»has been leaving otakus speechless thanks to his posts showing a waifu. However, this version that Waifu.AI presented to the public was a “realistic” version of the female character in question, showing a spectacular result that left many fascinated.

On this occasion, the chosen one was the talented guitarist «Hitori Gotō» from the popular Anime series Bocchi the Rock!, where we can see it in two ways; a “casual” version and a more revealing version for the public.

Bocchi The Rock Hitori Gotou Ia
Bocchi The Rock Hitori Gotou Ia 1

In both versions of Hitori Gotōwe will be able to see how Artificial Intelligence has done a great job with the image, to the point of causing certain questions about whether it is really an illustration created by an AI or an official cosplay made by a woman.

The creations that Artificial Intelligences They show the public they do not cease to surprise people and their use for this type of thing will always be highly praised by otakus due to the results that are disclosed on social networks. Technology advances at giant steps.

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Bocchi the Rock! is a comedy genre Manga that is written and illustrated by Aki Hamaji and published in the magazine Manga Time Kirara which belongs to the publisher Houbunsha since December 2017. The editorial Houbunsha He has currently published 5 compiled volumes of the Manga. Bocchi the Rock! and at the moment the release date of its sixth compilation volume is unknown.

Bocchi the Rock! Synopsis:

Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou is a gloomy high school student who longs to make friends and play live with a band, but she has one thing… She’s socially anxious and lonely, but has great guitar playing skills.

On one fateful day, Hitori Gotou meets outgoing drummer Nijika Ijichi, who invites her to join the Kessoku Band when their guitarist, Ikuyo Kita, runs away before their first show. Shortly after, Bocchi meets her latest bandmate: genius bassist Ryou Yamada.

Although their first performance together is subpar, the girls are encouraged by their shared love of music, and are soon joined by Kita. Finding happiness in performing, Bocchi and his bandmates set their hearts on improving as musicians while making the most of their fleeting days in high school.



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