iAM Strong trend at the beginning of 2023, releasing the 13th single. BNK48 “liwake Maybe – Iwake Maybee” The uniqueness of the song reflects the identity of 48 Group, the rhythm of music in the style of J-POP, inviting listeners to move, dance, draw hearts, super cute, spreading brightness in every online streaming today.

Independent Artist Management Co., Ltd. or iAM (I AM), the agency for the female idol artist band BNK48, released the 13th single titled liwake Maybe Is a very important song of AKB48, this song has a very aura and identity of the 48 Group. The meaning of the song is secretly in love with friends, but does not admit that they love them. Even though I know full well that it’s love But still fooling myself that just maybe, just maybe, upbeat, upbeat, J-POP music.


Leading the bright, cute team from 16 senbatsu as follows

  • Pancakes – Pittayaporn Kiatthitinan Center
  • Cherprang – Cherprang Areekul
  • Miori – Miori Okubo
  • Fond – Natthicha Chantawaree, secretary
  • V – Veeraya Chang
  • Gigi – Natthakul Pimthongchaikul
  • Minmin – Rachaya Thappkunanon
  • New – Chanyaphak Noumprasop
  • Hoop – Patalee Prasertthirachai
  • Paella – Nippitchan Phiphitdecha
  • Pampam – Sarisa Worasoontorn
  • Fame – Nantaphak Kittirattanawiwat
  • Monet – Parita Riekkul
  • Janry – Kanlayarat Panphiphat
  • Pat – Pattra Theerawat
  • L – Sirikorn Nilakasapan

unique 48 Group Thailand Song liwake Maybe Senbatsu is another image remembered by designer Kayano Shinobu, inspired by a song about the life of teenagers and school age. Japanese school uniform style The red checkered senbatsu suit stands out with its special design especially for this event, plus the dignity of a suit that looks semi-formal but still looks fun and bright. There are different decorations for each member. It became another set that people remember and love the most at the top of AKB48.


In this regard, the song liwake Maybe (Iwake May B), single 13, BNK48, the company’s team Therefore, we pay attention to designing the Sebatsu set to bring out the charm of the 48 Group as much as possible. that maintains the diversity of the character decoration of the emblem wearing gold chains, various ranks, and uniform patterns adapted from Japanese school uniforms Add a new new design. straight tail velvet tuxedo The set will be different for every set batsu. But the logo, rank, bow tie, unique head ornament Including the style of the tuxedo tail that is different in each model. All of this to make the liwake Maybe senbatsu look outstanding, beautiful, memorable and everyone’s favorite. In addition, within the music video there will be signature dance moves. heart drawing Super cute for viewers and listeners to follow easily.


Mr. Puttiroj Devakul Na Ayudhya, director of the music song liwake Maybe (Iwake Maybe) said

“Putting up the concept as if sending power to our friends to achieve their dreams. which has friends Stay and help each other push together. As for the outstanding music video, everyone will see the pancakes. Center in more diverse angles Shine with brightness, power, happiness and a full performance. In addition, you will see clear characters in each group. Causing the chemistry to be very perfect from the 1st to the 4th generation, harmonious, good moments conveyed to the audience For the director’s point of view, all 16 senbatsu are a perfect mix. It’s an age full of energy, bright, and I hope fans will like it.”


You can follow and watch music videos through the channel. YouTube: BNK48 and follow the movement of activities through all social media channels BNK48, including requesting songs through all leading radio waves across Thailand


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