Blade Assault will arrive in physical format for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation


Blade Assault is a beautifully pixelarted 2D action platformer set in a desolate sci-fi world. The game features precise and responsive controls along with a cast of charming characters. The playable characters have various transformable weapons that they use to fight their enemies. Join the Undercity resistance!

The physical edition of Blade Assault includes a sticker and postcard from Blade Assault.

After the war, the world is divided into three regions: the mutant-infested Outlands, Undercity, and the city in the skies Esperanza, where the rich and powerful rule the world.

Fight against Esperanza’s corrupt military as part of the Undercity resistance force. Bring the corrupt to justice by growing stronger and fighting alongside your loyal comrades.

Incredible and fast-paced combat with various skills, dodge enemy attacks by running, throw projectiles and stab your enemies. Your attacks will change depending on the “Cores” you select and the upgrades you decide to carry.

Blade Assault that’s it available to book in physical format for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Your date of launch will be the March 31st of 2023.


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