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Black Desert Mobile will also be available starting today on Mac and announces its new rewards with Amazon Prime

Mexico City, February 28, 2023 – Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss has announced that today, the Hashashin Awakening of Black Desert Mobile, Zayed, is now available. Also, starting today, Mac users can download Black Desert Mobileincluding Zayed, from the App Store on select Macs.

Hashashin Awakening update is now available

Adventurers will be able to take control of Zayed, an arena fighter who uses his massive dual knives in four different abilities:

  • Purge: Zayed slams his dual blades into the ground, summoning a ferocious sand serpent to attack his enemies.
  • captivating sands: Zayed throws his dual knives to the ground to unleash a wide area of ​​destruction with his sand snakes.
  • Sentence: Zayed leaps into the air with his Sand Snakes for a powerful upward strike and a deadly downward strike. He combines this ability with desert surge to quickly dig into the ground and jump to ambush enemies.
  • Desert Shadow: this passive ability allows Zayed to use additional abilities on top of an initial ability that doesn’t cancel.

To learn more about Zayed and his desert-empowered skill set, visit the page about the introduction of the class.

Download Black Desert Mobile on your Mac

Mac adventurers can rejoice now! Black Desert Mobile is now available to play on all Mac devices with Apple Silicon processors as of 2020. These are found on Mac OS, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Studio.

Earn rewards with Amazon Prime Gaming every two weeks

Pearl Abyss has today launched a new Amazon Prime Gaming campaign offering valuable in-game rewards every two weeks. Beginning today, Tuesday, February 28, and through Tuesday, August 22, Amazon Prime members will be able to redeem items on the Black Desert by Prime Gamingstarting today with 1,000 Chaos Crystals and five Nether Relic Selection Chests.

For more information on Black Desert Mobile, visit the official website. Stay tuned to the pages of Twitter and Facebook of Black Desert Mobile to know the next news.

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