Black Desert Mobile introduces new Awakening class ‘Side’


company Pearl Abyss has announced the launch of a new awakening career ‘Side’ in Black Desert Mobile is completed After first appearing as easter egg At the Calpheon Feast that was briefly held last year. Amazon Prime Gaming came back again This is a special opportunity for all adventurers. to be able to receive many rewards from this event

Side, the Sand Snake of the Great Desert It is a Hashashin Awakening class. who can overcome the test of humiliation and received the blessing of Aal by which he possessed the true power of sand Allowing him to summon sand snakes to occupy the vast battlefield. and anyone who meets them will be in awe.

Side can wield two halberds with dexterity. Eliminate enemies with inevitable attacks. and knocks the enemy away. The main skills of Side are as follows.
• Adaptation : Hit the ground with two halberds. to confuse enemies when hit And the sand snake deals damage and knocks enemies back while attacking them.
• Quicksand Pit: Throw two halberds down to the ground. Then use both hands to harness its power and summon a Sand Snake to wreak havoc on a wide area.
• Decision : Leaps into the air as the sand serpent summons with the power of a double halberd. It will then attack enemies at the same time.

Starting today, a series of activities will begin to welcome the arrival of SIDE. Adventurers can collect ‘Ancient Artifact of Sandstorm’ throughout the area and exchange them for reward chests In which adventurers have the opportunity to receive various items such as ‘Chaos Core’, ‘Shadow Knot’, and ‘Chaos Crystal’ There will also be a special daily mission event that will be held to grant Akarts.

Watch Side’s fight trailer here.

and see examples of side careers here

and more than that In a new season of collaboration activities with Amazon Prime Gaming will start today by registered adventurers Prime Gaming Coupons can be redeemed by logging into the official website. with many prizes such as ‘Akart Jewels’, ‘Dimensional Jewel Box’, ‘Moonstone of Dawn’ and ‘Moonlight Flower’. which can be received every week

Check out more details about Black Desert Mobile here. official website

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