Be continued in 2023, top form, packed, carrying the most popular guests, calling for laughter in every episode


The series is continuing in 2023. The crowd of guest actors is full of laughter. can be viewed online on the application iQIYI (Ai Qi Yi) and website the only place

Arrived in episode 8 for the invulnerable sitcom 2023 and this year was honored by guests of various styles and all with unique characteristics and fans who encouraged them immensely, such as the bodyguard gang from the story. Kinn Porch The Series, who have joined together since episode 4, calls for fun, hilarity, and coolness as typical of Bodyguard Kinn Porsche. Now whoever missed it must hurry back and see it.

Later, with the guest star of TikTok, Susie played the role of an intern who was secretly delighted with Susie to create laughter in Episode 5.

and followed by A handsome young singer with a beautiful voice, Nook Thanadon, who visited as another guest, played the role of Mr. Leng Lan, the company’s president, in episode 6, which made Phim turn numb because he pranked the wrong person.

And in Episode 9, get ready to meet Fon Sananthachat in the role of Mei, a girl who secretly likes and flirts with golf.

It can be said that it is an episode that is very interesting to watch and follow. Every episode of Per 2023 increases the degree of fun more and more. Fans can watch Per 2023 every Friday night at 24:00. Watch back, the first and only place on the application. iQIYI (Ai Qi Yi) and website only

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