Bathing concessions, the EU against Italy: “The extension until 2024 is disturbing”


Brussels – IThe Milleproroghe decree, which contains, among other things, the extension of beach concessions until the end of 2024 “has not yet been notified” to the European Commission, but “we are well aware of this development and of the fact that this new law, or this amendment, will extend the existing concessions for at least a year. There is an ongoing infringement procedure that started in December 2020: the latest development was the competition law, that went in the right direction”, but now “this development is quite disturbing”. This was underlined by the spokesperson of the European Commission for the Internal Market, Sonya Gospodinova, during the press briefing in Brussels.

“We will look at this very carefully – he continues – the Commission has recently taken several decisions concerning Portugal and Spain for seaside concessions or in the field of coasts: this indicates that it is a sector that is very important economically and that its modernization must be implemented and must also be stimulated by the Member States”.

The spokeswoman also points out that the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella signed the decree “with a note concerning the profile of incompatibility with European standards”. The decree “has not yet been notified to us, but we are well aware of it. Now we will analyze this law to see which is the best direction to take”, he concludes. (source Adnkronos)


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