Banpu Public Company Limited announces a three-fold increase in luxury profits, reaching a record 1,162 million dollars or 40,519 million baht. Taking advantage of rising gas prices, opening a plan for the year 2023, moving forward to transform the business Look for investment opportunities, minerals of the future, new solutions Flag the natural gas business leader in the United States

Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu Public Company Limited or BANPU, revealed that 2022 was considered the year that Banpu had record-breaking performance. The net profit increased 3 times compared to the previous year. By virtue of already high energy prices

At the same time, the company emphasizes agility and flexibility in all business units. Including accelerating business expansion according to the Greener & Smarter strategy seriously over the past several years. This allows us to continue to increase our revenue from cleaner energy businesses such as our expansion of our natural gas business in the US. and expansion of the energy technology business portfolio in Asia-Pacific. along with finding new business opportunities both businesses related to energy which is Banpu’s current strength and businesses beyond energy to create a new New S-Curve

In the year 2022, the company has a total sales revenue of $ 7,693 million (approximately 272,270 million baht), an increase of $ 3,570 million from the previous year (approximately 139,080 million baht), representing 87%, with earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and depreciation. Total EBITDA was $3,916 million (approximately THB 137,300 million), an increase of 120% from the previous year, and net profit was $1,162 million (approximately THB 40,519 million), an increase of 282% from the previous year as a result of The increase in global energy prices along with business strategies with agility and flexibility It can create added value from high energy prices. In 2023, Banpu continues to accelerate business transformation (Banpu Transformation) under the Greener & Smarter strategy to deliver a sustainable energy future.

In 2022, Banpu was selected as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the ninth consecutive year and most recently was included in the calculation of the MSCI Global Standard Index. This reflects the confidence of investors around the world.

As for the business strategy in 2023-2025, the company continues to grow according to the Greener & Smarter strategy by laying out important guidelines for 3 main business groups as follows:

Energy Resources Business Group As for the mining business, we continue to operate with responsibility for all groups of stakeholders. production efficiency to deliver quality products as well as studying the feasibility of investing in businesses with high growth potential such as Strategic Minerals in the natural gas business. Maintains leadership in natural gas production in the United States seek new opportunities in businesses that promote and build upon existing businesses and developing carbon capture and storage projects. Work to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions Scope 1 and 2 by the year 2025.

Energy Generation Business Group Thermal power generation business Increase value and maintain production efficiency in large power plants to generate stable cash flow. Focus on increasing the value of the electricity business in the United States. Covering the entire value chain Buying and selling electricity in the free electricity market Look for investment opportunities in new power plants. that uses high efficiency and environmentally friendly production technology (High Efficiency, Low Emissions: HELE), electricity generation business from renewable energy Looking for additional investment opportunities in strategic countries where Banpu already operates

Energy Technology Business Group Generate exponential growth in business portfolios with high growth rates and cash flow potential. Collaborate with business partners who promote potential and grow each other. as well as seeking to invest in new businesses (New S-Curve). In February, the Company increased its stake in Durapower Holdings Company Limited (Durapower) from 47.68% to 65.10%. % with an investment of $ 70 million to create growth opportunities in the battery business. This will be one of the mechanisms for linking a strong ecosystem within the Banpu Group.

“In 2023, Banpu will be 40 years old and we continue to offer the best energy solutions. Strengthen the business ecosystem and expand investments that meet the needs of the future world.

“This is to create a better quality of life and sustainable value for the world and all stakeholders (Better Living for All), in line with our commitment ‘Our Way in Energy’. Somruedee said.


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