Surprise! Nine months after the release of “Un verano sin ti”, Bad Bunny’s fourth album, the official video clip of the song was released, which united the talent of the Puerto Rican with that of the Colombian group Bomba Estéreo.

This is the fourteenth track that makes up the album, a material that became a phenomenon of reproductions and that consolidated the urban music performer as one of the leaders of the current music market.

«Today is a very special day: The official video for ‘Ojitos lindos!’ @badbunnypr ft. Bomba Estéreo – A song written with a lot of love for @lisaumet that has gone around the world!”, published Bomba Estéreo in his account in instagram along with an extract from the audiovisual.

The plot

The clip begins with a great shot of a beach, where the singer has his house. In it, he shares time and even complicity with several women, one at a time, with whom he goes out for a walk, to have a good time and to go partying.

Cocktails, good company, laughter and the presentation of the Colombians are part of the evening, which enters a new environment when the singer takes each of his companions to what appears to be his home.

A short farewell reveals that they had a good time, at least they did enjoy it because he immediately becomes serious, aligning himself with the meaning of the song, a melancholic and heartbreak theme.

In the midst of his spite, he speeds up his sports car and has an accident. We reserve the rest for you to discover below, we will only add that the great love of the “Bad Rabbit” is pure.

“Pretty eyes”

The song was written by six hands between Bad Bunny, Liana Saumet and Simón Mejía, the latter two members of Bomba Estéreo, and was produced by Tainy, La Paciencia and mAsis.

According to Billboard, “Ojitos lindos” is one of the best songs from “A summer without you”, an opinion that seems to be shared by fans of the ragpicker, since the 360-degree visualizer video that was published nine months ago has 243 million views on the YouTube platform.

Likewise, it was ranked number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, while it has topped the rankings of different countries in the region.


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