One of the winter destinations that many people have pinpointed that they must come and experience once at ‘Baan Rak Thai’, a village nestled in the embrace of a small mountain. in Mae Hong Son Province which gives an atmosphere as if falling into the scene of a Chinese movie low clouds There are ancient boats rowing on the lake, sipping hot tea, eating warm mantou. amid cold weather



Getting to Ban Rak Thai Use the same route as heading to Pai. Pass through thousands of arches before meeting a small valley village. This is a Yunnan Chinese village that in the past immigrated with Chinese nationalist soldiers, the 93rd ‘Koomintang’ brigade, the same brigade at Doi Mae Salong. Chiang Rai before settling down at Tambon Mok Champae Mueang Mae Hong Son District Mae Hong Son Province in the name of ‘Baan Rak Thai’ is located at an altitude of more than 1,776 meters above sea level, making it suitable for planting good tea varieties until it becomes a famous product. In fact, Ban Rak Thai can travel every season. But tourists are popular to visit in the winter. Feel the cold air and fog. Daytime is cool, not hot, morning and evening, the atmosphere is romantic, as if taken out in a Chinese movie.



Popular activities include visiting tea plantations. Take a traditional boat ride on the lake to spending time wandering in a riverside cafe, sipping warm tea, eating mantou, and enjoying the simple atmosphere that looks superficial, nothing But it is a moment of happiness that cannot be found in the big city.



Anyone who is interested in traveling to Ban Rak Thai There are many homestays and accommodation options in the village. But that is very popular. ‘Lee Wine Ruk Thai’ and ‘Chen Fong Resort Tea Plantation’ in addition to traveling in the village. From Ban Rak Thai, it is also easy to travel to Pai or Pang Ung.


Ban Rak Thai

Location: Mok Champae Subdistrict Mueang Mae Hong Son District Mae Hong Son Province




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