Azur Lane’s Implacable Sexy Ship Censored In China


last weekAzur Lane ship girl game There is a new event called Revelations of Dust. The protagonist is the Royal Navy UR-class aircraft carrier HMS Implacable. In the design of a sexy young nun which creates a sensation among fans who are waiting for many new events and also has a famous voice actor like Yukana as a voice

Azur Lane

It turns out that this round has a new censorship of the ship as usual. The ship that was hit hardest by censorship was Implacable.

Azur Lane

Implacable is censored in the form of light or moral fog. instead of dressing up Even the skins in the female teacher’s style have been changed to make the bottom a plain color. Plus, it’s only scheduled to be sold until February 26, along with 2 other skins. which is now equal to no longer being sold Have to wait for the rerun to sell for a long time

Azur Lane

Azur Lane

A video clip of the login screen preview of the Chinese version of the game was also posted. which was clearly obscured by fog

The current censorship of Chinese games is unpredictable. because one day may pass But the next day, you may be prompted to censor or order to delete. And maybe it will be censored because someone complains to the agency to move. Azur Lane has to censor content to save itself first. And need to hurry to sell some skins that may cause attention for a limited time before rushing to stop selling

commenter In addition to those who disagree There are also many people who find it funny as well. because it came out and looked similar to the game Like a Dragon: Ishin where the character constantly fogs up the sensor in the bathhouse!

Azur Lane

“Hey, he censored.Just like in Like a Dragon: Ishin. That’s right.”

“Seriously, it’s very funny to see this.”

“Her breasts are so dense that they form the center of the galaxy.”

“I can’t believe that the Chinese server Azur Lane is still making money.”

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