This weekend the Anime adaptation of NieR: Automata drew attention because it announced its indefinite suspension derived, supposedly, from problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the production schedule. Leaving aside the debate about whether the COVID-19 thing is true or it is just “a convenient excuse” to hide the organizational disaster that exists from Aniplexit turns out that the announcement of the suspension diverted attention to a peculiar scene shown in the series.

Let’s remember that adapting the story of a video game to an Anime in twenty minute episodes is extremely complicatedespecially since the story of a video game as open as it is NieR: Automata, the player discovers it as he advances at his own pace. So the Anime NieR: Automata presents a story with a predefined rhythm, so many who didn’t play the game might be totally confusedwhile those who have played it may have noticed that they are just animating iconic scenes from the video game and connecting them in some way.

Anyway, one of these scenes that have no explanation for people who did not play the original video game, is when some robots appear that are simulating having sex. Let’s remember that in the original video game it is explained that the machines have advanced to a certain point of complexity, so much so that they question what it is to be human or what it means to be alive. That is why imitate human behaviors, to try to come up with an answer to your questions.

Obviously those who did not play the video game do not have the slightest idea about thisThat’s why comments like:

  • «The scene is more graphic than in the video game».
  • «When I saw that they adapted this into the Anime and that the scene was even more vulgar, I laughed out loud.».
  • «Wow, this is what I wanted to see adapted».
  • «Oh god, I can’t believe they cheered him up. Reliving memories…»
  • «There are many things that can only be expected from the mind of Yoko Taro. Perhaps the ideology of her delays also inspired the Anime».
  • «I remembered this scene from the video game, I had the same feeling of discomfort as then».
  • «I really like that they increased the feeling of unpleasantness for the viewer».
  • «Wow, they did try to animate this».

Since there’s so much talk about the original scene, why don’t you check it out so you can see how much effort they put into it. A-1 Pictures?


Synopsis of NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S and A2 and their battle to take back the machine dystopia, invaded by powerful machines. Mankind has been driven off Earth by mechanical beings from another world. In a last-ditch effort to reclaim the planet, the human resistance sends a force of android soldiers to destroy the invaders. Now, the war between the machines and the androids continues… a war that could soon reveal a long-forgotten truth of the world.

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