Auto:Mase, we will say no to the ban on endothermic engines by 2035


ROME, FEBRUARY 28 – Tomorrow in Brussels, at the meeting of the ambassadors of the EU countries, Italy will express a position contrary to the proposal for a European Regulation which provides for a ban on the production and sale of cars and vans with internal combustion engines by 2035. The writes the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security in a statement. While sharing the decarbonisation objectives, Italy maintains that the environmental targets must be pursued through “an economically sustainable and socially equitable transition”, planned and guided with great care, to avoid negative repercussions for the country both in terms of employment and production . Italy also believes – this is the position that will be expressed – that the choice of electric should not be the only way to achieve zero emissions in the transition phase. The success of electric cars will depend a lot on how affordable they become. A rational choice of technological neutrality in the face of shared environmental objectives must allow the Member States to make use of all the solutions to decarbonise the transport sector, taking into account the different national realities, and with a more gradual planning of the times. “The use of renewable fuels, compatible with thermal engines”, affirms Minister Gilberto Pichetto, “will contribute to a reduction in emissions without requiring unattainable economic sacrifices from citizens”. (HANDLE).


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