Authorities of the Nicaraguan Catholic Church say that police officers prohibited them from outdoor Holy Week activities


(CNN Spanish) — A religious authority in Nicaragua —who for security reasons requested anonymity— told CNN on Tuesday that police officers visit numerous parishes to prohibit outdoor activities related to Lent and Holy Week, such as Stations of the Cross.

The same source added that, in order to avoid confrontations with the authorities, they have talked with religious leaders to carry out these activities inside the temples or in their atriums.

CNN has tried unsuccessfully to obtain comment on this issue from Nicaraguan security authorities.

In various appearances, President Daniel Ortega has criticized what he points out as the opposition of that Church.

“What respect can I have for the bishops that I met here in Nicaragua, if they were Somocistas (referring to the overthrown dictator Anastasio Somoza) (…) as he was a server, an agent, an instrument of Yankee imperialism,” he said on Tuesday from last week.


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