Attack on Titan – 3rd part of the last season gains story trailer


Marcelo Almeida


Through a livestreaming dedicated to the Anime of shingeki no kyojina new trailer was revealed for the 3rd part of the last season.

The video behind the details of the story, showing a little of what will be developed. The Anime will be a 1-hour special episode that will be released on March 3.

The story accompanies a world where giant humanoid creatures, known as Titans, begin to rise up and devour mankind. As a way of production, human beings will raise 3 walls to protect themselves from danger, meanwhile, everyone is silent when the sudden attack of an abnormal Titan places one of the walls below, completely transforming the lives of people giving it place.

Source: Anime-1st-half-unveils-main-trailer-opening-song-artist/.195315″>ANN


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