Rome – The technical director of the national teams Antonio La Torre has formalized the squad for the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Istanbul scheduled from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 March.

I am 50 Azzurri selected for the indoor continental event in Turkey: 26 men, 24 women, for the largest Italian expedition ever at the Euroindoors (the Azzurri had been 49 in Genoa in 1992).

The presence of the Olympic champion of the 100m and 4×100m at the Tokyo Games stands out in the team Marcell Jacobs, reigning world and European indoor gold in the 60 metres of which he is also the European record holder with 6.41 last year in Belgrade. First call-up to the national team for the Italian champion of the 60s Samuel Ceccarelli, winner in Ancona with 6.54. In the team the bronze medal of the World Championships in Eugene in the high jump Elena Vallortigarathe bronze of the Euroindoor of Torun Paul Dal Molin (60hs), the pitcher Leonardo Fabbri (weight), the cross country U23 European champion Nadia Battocletti (3000), the European cross country champions Pietro Arese (1500) e Federica Del Buono (1500), the Italian indoor record holders Larissa Iapichino (long), Claudio Stecchi (auction), Roberta Bruni (auction), Zane Weir (weight), Ossama Meslek (1500), Dario Dester (heptathlon), Swabian Gerevini (pentathlon), the fifth place of the World Championships in Oregon Emmanuel Ihemeje (triple).

Louis Cavalli she is registered in the 1500 and 3000 but, with the timetable in hand, she will be able to choose between one of the two specialities. Among the novices also the European record holder Under 20 indoor long distance Mattia Furlaniin addition to Ceccarelli, the triple jumper Simone Biasutti and Mattia Padovani (3000). In the group of the relay she is also summoned Ayomide Folorunso: the Italian champion of the 400m indoor, not being in possession of the registration standard and the ranking in the 400m (she who is a specialist of the 400hs) will not be able to run the individual race.

Istanbul (Turkey), 2-5 March 2023

The Italian team/Italian Team


60m Samuel CECCARELLI Athletics Florence Marathon SS
60m Marcell L. JACOBS GS Golden Flames Padua
60m Robert GIFT THEM Bergamo Stars Athletics
400m Vladimir VINEGARS GA Yellow Flames
800m Simon BARONTINI GS Blue Flames
800m Catalin TECUCEANU Silca Ultralite Vittorio V.To
1500m Peter ARESE GA Fiamme Gialle / SAFA Athletics Piedmont ASD
1500m bones MESLEK Atl. Vicenza
1500m Frederick SHORE GA Yellow Flames
3000m Matthias PADOVANS Atl. Lecco-Colombo Construction
3000m Peter SHORE GS Golden Flames Padua
60hs Paul FROM THE MOLIN GS Golden Flames Padua
60hs Hassane FOFANA GS Golden Flames Padua
60hs Lorenzo Ndele SIMONELLI CS Army
High Christian FALOCCHI GS Golden Flames Padua
High Marco FASSINOTTI CS Air Force
High Stephen SUBTLE GS Blue Flames
Auction Claudius STICKS GA Yellow Flames
Long Matthias FURLANI GS Fiamme Oro Padua / Atl.Stud. Rieti Andrea Milardi
Triple Simon BIASUTTI GA Fiamme Gialle / Trieste Athletics
Triple Tobit MOUTHS CS Carabinieri Section Athletics
Triple Emmanuel IHEMEJE CS Air Force / Atl. Extradite
Weight Leonardo BLACKSMITHS CS Air Force
Weight Nicholas James PONTIUS Athletic Club 96 Alperia
Weight Zane WEIR GA Fiamme Gialle / Asd Enterprise Sport & Service
Heptathlon Darius DESTER CS Carabinieri Section Athletics / Cremona Sportiva Atl. Arvedi


60m Anna GOOD MORNING CS Carabinieri Section Athletics
60m Glory HOOPER Atl. Brescia 1950
60m Irene SYRAGUSA CS Army
400m/4x400m Raphaela LUKUDO CS Army
400m/4x400m Alice GLUTTON CS Army
400m/4x400m Anna POLINARI CS Carabinieri Section Athletics / Atl. Brescia 1950
800m Elena HANDSOME’ GS Blue Flames
800m Eloisa CHURUS GS Blue Flames
1500m Federica OF THE GOOD CS Carabinieri Section Athletics
1500m Sintayehu VISSA Atl Brugnera Pn Friulintagli
1500m/3000m Ludovica HORSES CS Air Force / Bracco Athletics
3000m Nadia BATTOCLETTI GS Blue Flames
3000m Micol MAJOR Pro Sesto Atl. Cernusco
60hs Eliza Maria OF LAZARUS CS Carabinieri Section Athletics
60hs Nicla MOSETTI Bracco Athletics
High Elena VALLORTIGARA CS Carabinieri Section Athletics
Auction Roberta BRUNI CS Carabinieri Section Athletics
Auction Elise MOLINAROLO GS Fiamme Oro Padova / Riviera Del Brenta Athletics
Long Larissa IAPICHINO GA Fiamme Gialle / Athletics Florence Marathon SS
Triple Octavia CESTONARO CS Carabinieri Section Athletics
Triple Dariya DERKACH CS Air Force
4x400m Ayomide FOLORUNSO GS Golden Flames Padua
4x400m Eleanor BRANDING CS Carabinieri Section Athletics / Athletics Sandro Calvesi
pentathlon Swabian GEREVINI CS Carabinieri Section Athletics / Cremona Sportiva Atl. Arvedi

Source Fidal – photo Colombo/Fidal

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