Asl Latina activates the Midwifery care project: “the midwife at home”


Latina – Asl Latina, through the Midwifery care project: “the midwife at home” activates the integrated and global process of taking charge of the assistance needs of women, children and their families, during the birth process.

The Midwifery care project was created to respond to the increasingly complex and changing demand for women’s health, to bring out a series of unsatisfied health needs, in a real perspective of health promotion and prevention initiatives, ensure the implementation of envisaged by the Lea, with improvement of fair access, safety and humanization of care.

To promote the social value of motherhood, the project, born within the Fragility Protection Department, aims to ensure assistance to women and mothers who have recently given birth, in particular those with family, social and/or cultural fragility: single women, because they are far from the families of origin (also foreign) or due to the absence of a partner, new mothers with specific care needs (twins or premature births, mothers suffering from post-partum depression).

The fulcrum of the planning process is the activation of the skills of the midwives present in the area, in the family counseling centres, who, also thanks to the scheduled “home visits”, accompany the women and the entire family nucleus, to ensure continuity of care for the mother and to the newborn, providing all the support to overcome any vulnerabilities of the post-natal period, promote the care of the newborn and promote breastfeeding. The strengthening of obstetric assistance is also aimed at supporting the new family in parenting skills, intercepting any problems of emotional discomfort, also connected to childbirth such as Blue Baby Syndrome/postpartum depression, or linked to forms of domestic violence, often unspoken , promote the empowerment of women as agents of health for themselves and their families in the education of healthy lifestyles.

The midwife, due to her specific skills, is the case manager of the integrated assistance and hospital-territory continuity process, taking action and collaborating with the other operators, including the social worker, of the multi-professional team, in a coordinated and integrated, to give a timely and unanimous response to women’s health needs, in a truly collaborative healthcare context, oriented towards the humanization of care and effective interaction between bio-medical, psycho-social, economic and cultural factors.

The project is based on conceptual models based on scientific literature, such as the “model of family and community midwifery”, promoted by the National Federation of Midwifery Orders (FNOPO) and implemented, thanks also to representatives of the ASL of Latina – Training sector – who they oversaw the publication on the subject in the White Paper Women’s Health 2022 of the National Women’s Health and Gender Observatory (Onda).

Furthermore, the Project is designed to respond to the implementation of the programmatic lines of the PNRR and of the DM 77/2022, which in the requalification of the healthcare system, reserve a great deal of attention to the creation and reorganization of intermediate structures and territorial functions, also with the provision of specific multi-professional and interdisciplinary collaborative forms, in which the family and community obstetrician fits in, representing a sure garrison on the territory to implement an initiative and proximity medicine.

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