Arcana Tactics update a new version to celebrate the 2nd anniversary in Thailand!!


Arcana Tactics from Com2uS Holdings game RPG Mixed character, cute battle plan Update the new version to celebrate the 2nd anniversary. in Thailand to celebrate this special occasion. The developers have organized exciting activities for players who love the game in full.

Updated secret hero, legendary Mio
★ Upside Down Arcana Cards: Wheel of Fortune (R) and Devil (R).
★ 2nd Anniversary Special Login Event!
★ New Dungeon: Tower of Infinity
★ New stories and chapters added! 11 and 12
★ Hero Revolve System
★ Invasion mode improvements.
★ Profile Guild Icon

in this update Players who enter the game can enter special dungeons. Mio to collect otherworldly fragments which can be exchanged for limited heroes from summoning premium heroes and otherworldly shops

(New secret hero: ‘Mio’)

A dragon in the form of a cute little girl 5-Star Limited Secret Hero Mio It’s a hero that deals damage and combines chaos with enemies, stuns or poisons enemies for more damage per second. It also has the ability to avoid being a target attack. (But still being hit by a group attack anyway) and finally, there is an aura skill. “Top Hunter” That will increase the damage dealt to the element that is defeated by itself by 100%. Both cute and talented in all aspects like this, it’s a must-have item!!!

by Mio’s Special Dungeon can be accessed at Story > Special Tab and will appear in the game from February 22 onwards, with rewards that will be available to find a lot of each other Other World Fragments, Gold, Player EXP, and Free Costume Coins Don’t forget to come and play.

In addition, there is also a special event to celebrate the 2nd anniversary with two more prize pools that all players can participate in this event from today until March 21 at 9:59 PM. Anyone interested can follow the details at this link. click >>

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