This Tuesday, the draft Agreement in Support of the First Meeting of Young Parliamentarians from Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia for the Integration and Peace of our America was approved.

The person in charge of presenting the project was Second Vice President América Pérez, who highlighted that, for three days, they debated ideas and proposals to consolidate a border of peace.

«We seek to speak, debate, ideas and proposals of our border, what it means for youth to talk about the border, but to say that this border that we are calling for is a border for peace, for integration, for the unity of peoples, for love,” Pérez said in statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión.

In this sense, he stressed that, during the meeting, the situation that occurred in 2019 was also discussed, at the border, where an attempt was made to invade the country, alleging “humanitarian aid” for the country.

Similarly, he stressed that, during the meeting, ideas were discussed to combat climate change, and strengthen actions for gender equality and equity.

Specifically, at this meeting, four working groups were formed, where the unilateral coercive measures applied by the United States against the country were condemned.

In the same way, they called on the youth of the entire region to “achieve true integration” of the continent.

Deputies from Colombia, Russia and Brazil participated in this meeting.

With the realization of the First Meeting of Young Parliamentarians for Peace and Integration of our America, it is planned to form four working groups around the Borders of Peace, in order to evaluate the political, social and parliamentarians who preserve peace and the integration of peoples, in the face of the escalation of fascism, racism, discrimination and violence in Latin America


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