Goertek, the maker of AirPods for Apple, the leading US smartphone maker, revealed that the company has invested $280 million. to build a new manufacturing plant in northern Vietnam This is in line with Apple’s demand for its suppliers to diversify their manufacturing base outside of China. Amid China-U.S. relations Tensions have intensified in recent months.

Bloomberg reports that Apple suppliers are likely to move production out of China sooner than expected. Among them, Goertek was represented by Kazuyoshi Yoshinaga, the company’s vice president. Said during an interview that An investment of nearly $300 million builds a new factory in northern Vietnam’s Bac Ninh province. It follows inquiries the company has received over the past several months about when it will move its manufacturing plant out of China.

However, the company hasn’t released any further details, in line with Apple’s commitment to confidentiality in its global supply chain.

The report states that In addition to US relations with China, which has a worrying trend especially after the United States tightening measures to control the export of advanced technology to China China’s COVID management measures that affect the opening-closing of factories in the country. This has led many suppliers to consider expanding production facilities outside of China.



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