Another Western Outlet Declares War On Lolis: It’s been a while since any Western media have “thumped dirt” on Japan’s manga and anime culture, specifically the loli fan culture. On this occasion, it is not about debating whether they are legal or not, but rather the way in which the Western media judge this type of content based on the standards of their countries, qualifying it directly as “child pornography”. Follow More Updates On MangaManhwa.Org

Another Western outlet declares war on lolis

That was what the Secjuice portal did, writing an extensive article entitled ” Mastodon: A social networking platform dominated by pedophiles and child pornography ” and criticizing that the Mastodon social network is ” a nest of pedophilic users .” Before beginning, it should be noted that Mastodon is free software to implement microblogging social networks that form the “fediverse”, something very similar to Twitter.

Let’s remember that when Elon Musk took over as CEO of Twitter, thousands of “offended” users assured that they would leave the platform, which in the end most of them did not. One of the popular destinations was Mastodon, and that’s what prompted the site in question, Secjuice, to do some research. There were already previous articles in other media where it was pointed out that Mastodon “hosted a large number of Internet pedophiles”, and they all came to the same conclusion.

It’s the same thing that Secjuice pointed out, albeit more cleverly. Throughout the writing, the outlet notes that ” child pornography content is shared in huge communities,” but it never specifies what it is. This continues until the final part, where the true theme of the article is finally discovered. In one of the final sections, it is noted that the majority of Mastodon users come from Japan and that all “ child pornography ” content shared there is illustrated.

Then they go on to openly criticize loli culture in Japan, which was obviously the point of the article. A summary of this section writes:

  • In Japan, they don’t feel as strongly about pedophiles as we do, and only made possession of child porn illegal in 2014. Before that, everything was legal and generations of Japanese grew up thinking that child pornography was nonsense and not something immoral. or illegal [Note: This information is false, the production of child pornography was already prohibited before]. Only eight years ago you could be caught by the police watching real child pornography and you wouldn’t get in any legal trouble for it [Note: This information is correct, possession is what was not legislated]”.
  • Japan didn’t even outlaw all child pornography, it only outlawed photos and videos featuring real children. Computer-generated images of children, no matter how sexual, are not illegal in the eyes of the law. ” Neither are cartoons, drawings, or sex dolls that look like children.
  • Since Mastodon had the appearance of Twitter, and since the Japanese love Twitter, it seemed perfectly natural for them to flee the law and move to Mastodon, where they could publish, create and share material of sexual abuse of minors without any administrator would deny them entry or report them to the police.
  • Pedophile groups needed a safe haven from child pornography possession laws, a safe social space to share and enjoy their content, and they found a home at Mastodon, where these groups have been flourishing ever since.”

Well yes, in the end, the criticism of Mastodon’s social space is more about the fact that they allow the publication of lolis (whether sexual or non-sexual), and a criticism of Japan’s otaku culture. However, one would not be able to figure this out unless one reads the entire article, which was the trap the site set.

Those who noticed this evidently shared their comments:

  • Drawings by definition cannot be child sexual exploitation material. I don’t use Mastodon, so I can’t verify it, but if they are ironic including anime art from Japanese artists the article loses a lot of value.
  • Most of the article is whining about Japanese drawings (not even lolicon, mostly harmless loli illustrations). Everyone behind that article must be arrested.
  • I will ignore that this was turned into a political issue by idiot Americans who think they are the only country in the world. Instead, notice how the two cases they cite but don’t name are Japanese. That’s how it is. One of them is Pawoo. This is not child sexual exploitation, it is art.
  • They even mentioned the biased VICE video, haha. This article is officially nothing more than rubbish that wants to promote America’s so-called perfect values. It does not affect Japan at all
  • They say that the child pornography on Mastodon was pushed by the Japanese, but did you know that everyone on the left wanted to go to Mastodon when Elon Musk took the reins? What a coincidence!
  • This article is immediately rubbish because it is trying to state rubbish about Japan that is simply not true. All the article wants to do is try to paint manga and anime as child sexual exploitation content, and put the Japanese creators as pedophiles.
  • They even go as far as to quote the VICE video, a piece of garbage made by a xenophobic a few months ago who only dedicated himself to spewing the same misinformation and garbage about Japanese society, and the manga and anime industry. He thought the content they shared on Mastodon was about real kids, not imaginary content.

Note that most of the criticism is about the fact that the Western media seems to prefer to persecute fans of lolis, than pedophiles who abuse flesh and blood minors.


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