Annihiladores looking to break away from the three-win squad as Jijantes has his last hope in this matchup

It is increasingly difficult to give emotion to the games of jijanteswith a 0-7 no longer depend on themselves to be among the eight best in the kings league. Gerard Romero’s team needs to win the four remaining games and pray for a carambola that is not worth explaining because it is quite complicated, if they manage to win we will already speculate about their possible classification.

However, Annihilators if you have a lot to lose in this match. With three wins they are tied with five other teams and to lose is to fall behind. Juan’s team needs to win and there is nothing more fearsome than a team that has nothing to lose.

player 12

Annihilators repeat with Nadir Louah. with wide experience in inferiors of the CF Barcelona and currently a Catalan First Division player.

jijantes count on again Ibai Gomez who has gone through Athletic Club and Deportivo de La Coruña.

Secret weapon

  • FC Annihilators:
  • Jijantes FC:

Summary of Anniquiladores FC vs Jijantes FC

Annihilators FC x -x Jijantes FC

First part:

  • Min 0: Win the Jijantes serve after an error in the Annihiladores clear
  • Min 4: Incredible team play where the game goes totally nuts and ends with a Nadir shot slightly off target for Annihilators.
  • Min 7: Jijantes almost had it after a corner, but ended up hitting the post.
  • Min 8: GOOOOOOOOOOOL, mark Annihiladores with a great goal from Ibai in a very original move.

Second part:

Videos of the best goals of Anniquiladores FC vs Jijantes FC


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