Anitta, the most recognized Brazilian singer in the world today, led a massive party on the streets of Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, February 25, a city that refuses to say goodbye to Carnival this year.

According to the organizers, about 100,000 people attended. The police counted half, but in any case it was a huge mass of people who crowded together early in the morning behind a truck that went through the main avenues of downtown Rio. This is how EFE reported it.

At the top, the Rio de Janeiro “queen of pop”, dressed in a costume that evoked Carmen Miranda, a legendary figure of Brazilian music who made many of the typical Rio carnival marches known to the world.

The “Bloco de Anitta” parade ended around noon, after about five hours of frantic singing and dancing.

During that time, Anitta almost did not stop singing and she did it in Portuguese, English and also in Spanish.

She also brought the crowd almost to the ground, even though there was no room, to accompany her in the erotic choreography of the song. “Wrap”which last year was all the rage on social media.

A flesh and blood mortal like the rest

And although Anitta enjoyed Carnival 2023 as one of its protagonists, she also wanted to be among the public and enjoy it like the rest. But just thinking about being intercepted every two by three of hers could have lowered her spirits and, therefore, she looked for a way not to attract attention.

It was a week ago that he devised the plan to disguise himself to be among the public in the city of Salvador, after almost five hours of hypnotizing the audience with his music and his twerking. To this end, she wore casual sportswear and tied up her hair to walk through the audience, mistaking herself as one of the attendees.

The Grammy nominee wore wide bermuda shorts, a blue T-shirt, a cap and a mask, to take her appearance to another level.

It was on the social network TikTok where the carioca singer shared a video where she is observed with the pint. After passing security controls, she enjoyed the carnival parties, without anyone approaching her to ask for a photo.

“Anitta’s Block”

The Anitta Carnival or “Bloco de Anitta” was born in 2016 with its first appearance in the capital of the Rio de Janeiro country, Rio de Janeiro.

Success was imminent and the following year new events were held in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, as well as debuting in Salvador.

With the covid-19 pandemic, it had a mandatory two-year pause, but this 2023 it resumed with the same force or more. Thousands of people eager to enjoy the lost time gathered in the carriage of the popular interpreter to enjoy for long hours.


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