Tengoku Daimakyo or Heavenly Delusion (Devil’s Cave in Paradise) Another anime based on the popular manga that many people like. Recently, the official website has released a new PV preview. Additionally, additional cast members and the main theme song were revealed. For the first screening schedule, it will be April 1, 2023. This beautiful picture is waiting to see if it will become the top of the season or not!?

List of additional characters and voice actors

  • Inazaki Robin (CV. Nakai Kazuya)
  • Encho (CV. Isobe Masako)
  • Sawatari (CV. Muto Tadashi)
  • Aoshima (CV. Tanezaki Atsumi)

List of main soundtracks

  • OP: Innocent Arrogance by BiSH
  • ED: Dare mo Kare mo Doko mo Nani mo Shiranai by ASOBI Doumei

Heavenly Delusion was originally Masakazu Ishuguro’s sci-fi mystery manga that has been published in Monthly Afternoon since January 2018. There are currently eight volumes in total.

The story of the world in the near future Mention of Japan where monsters live everywhere. The story follows the alternate lives of a group of children in a beautiful walled nursery. It tells the story of a couple Maru and Kiruko who set off on a desolate world in search of a paradise.

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