Andres Iniesta He is one of the footballers that one has had the greatest pleasure to watch as a fan of FC Barcelona. Although personally I will always be more of Xavi because of his style of play, what this guy did with the ball at his feet did not make the slightest sense at times, and it was not too difficult for him to win the affection of the people. Now, even away from football at the highest level It continues to have quality gestures, such as recommending reading something as top as “Ao Ashi”.

Ao Ashi is the soccer Manga you should read, says Andrés Iniesta

It’s not a joke, it’s been MangaMogura who has collected how the Spanish soccer player has given the go-ahead to “Ao Ashi”, which I remember has a first Anime season of +20 episodes. Then I leave you with a picture from the magazine in which it has been possible to find Iniesta’s nod to the Manga:

ao ashi iniesta
Iniesta becomes Ao Ashi’s new backup

and now i want comment four little things about a situation that seems quite exceptional to me:

  • To begin, it must be said that Iniesta’s recommendation to read Ao Ashi coincides with something very curious about the Manga: The cover of volume 31 of the same was recently revealed and it was seen starring CE Sabadell. Chance? Maybe, but it’s still funny. 😲
  • Likewise, it seems that there are some small statements by Iniesta regarding Ao Ashi in which he praises the ability of the Manga to promote the football and human education of the little ones. 🥰
  • The truth, I have to say that (without spoilers) one of my favorite moments of the first season of the Anime occurs when the protagonist has no choice but to completely rethink his entire vision of football. In this sense, it obviously does a much more analytical and realistic job than the fantasy that Blue Lock offers. 😮
  • For those who want to immerse themselves in the world of Ao Ashi, I will remember that the Manga can be found Manga/ao-ashi/ao-ashi-pack-de-lanzamiento-1-y-2″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>in Spain through Norma Editorialwhile the Anime can be seen through Crunchyroll. 💪

Although now is the time for “Ao Ashi” to shine because of Iniesta’s words, I see it as necessary to also emphasize “Blue Lock”. Together it seems to me that they create a combination of football realism and fantasy that offers a perfect double vision to enjoy the sport in its maximum essence. Therefore, if Iniesta recommends “Ao Ashi” to you, on the other hand, I have no alternative but to highly recommend both franchises.


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