AMouranth is the great surprise of Ibai’s Evening of the Year 3


The event of the best streamer in the world, or almost the best, has left us with the incredible surprise of the year

We already know all the participants of The Evening of Year 3 and you can see all the details right here. But of course one of the biggest and most epic bombings that nobody saw coming is the arrival of Amouranth. Yes friends, Ibai has done it again, the incredible Spanish streamer has made the popular North American streamer one of the participants in La Velada del Año.

No, it’s not a joke Amouranth will fight against mayichii the next 1 of July in the stadium Metropolitan of Madrid, headquarters of the Atletico Madrid. The millionaire streamer has been in the live presentation of the event, although telematically because she has not given him time to attend. But if she has confirmed her presence in Madrid for the third anniversary of the event.

Amouranth VS Mayichii

  • Amouranth will be in The Evening of the Year 3 😲
  • will fight against mayichii 😲
  • The streamer is already preparing for the event 😲
  • He has commented that he will do several live shows with his training 😲
  • He has also assured that he is going to take it very seriously 😲
  • will be the fifth match from The Evening 😲
  • The next 1 of July an unmissable date worldwide 😲

Ibai is the Hand of Midas

what you are getting Ibai it’s crazy, but crazy crazy, of course it is The Hand of MidasIt’s because everything the well-known Spanish streamer touches turns it into gold. He does not stop creating content and his cache is reaching incredible heights, in recent times he has spoken with Messipresented the chimes with ramon garciacarry koi next to Piquehas led to Ronaldinho to the kings leaguee… I think he only needs to do a stream from the Moon in a rocket Elon Münsk. At the time…


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