Although it maintains a high price, we do not recommend signing this popular FUT Heroes


In the same way that we frequently recommend cards, we also like to advise against signing certain players because we consider that they do not justify their price. And that is whatever we want to do with Yaya Touré FUT Heroes. We are at the beginning of March and it is still around 450,000 coins in the general market of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. We suppose that it is quite popular and it is logical that it was special at the beginning of the season. But it’s not very remarkable anymore and we wouldn’t spend as much on it.

Stats in game Yaya Toure FUT Heroes FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: CDM, CM and CAM. Its current price is 449,000 coins on the global market and 699,000 on PC (according to He has four stars of skills and bad leg, medium / medium work rate, Body Type Tall and balanced +, he is 1’88 and right-handed. We advise using it with Shadow.

Why don’t we recommend Yaya Touré FUT Heroes on FIFA 23?

We are not saying that it is bad, it can perform well in competitive squads. The problem is that it costs about 450,000 coins and, due to the rise in the general level of FIFA 23, it does not justify that price.

Yaya Toure FUT Heroes he complies with the pass and when he must defend in one-on-one situations. For his 90 vision, 91 short pass and 86 long pass; he is a fairly reliable footballer in circulation.

While his solid 86 steal looks even better because he combines a remarkable 92 strength with his 1’88 height. He is a stocky person in melee, and thus can slow down enemy attackers through grappling.

However, in other aspects in quite improvable. For example, in the attributes of interception (78) and intelligence (77). And since his work rate is medium/medium, in many situations we notice that he is not in the right place. Which, when handled by the CPU, doesn’t always help as much as we’d like defensively.

While in attack, his 84 overall dribbling is misleading as agility drops to 76 and balance to 69. Since the Body Type is Tall & Balanced +, he’s not as clunky as Tall & Balanced players (without the “+ “). But anyway He is somewhat clumsy, and because of this he makes less use of his four skill stars and bad leg..

His shooting numbers are even good after so many months of FIFA 23. Yaya Toure FUT Heroes hits 84 Positioning, 80 Finishing, 90 Shot Power, and 86 Long Shot. However, this year it seems more difficult to generate chances with midfielders. Apart from that, due to his problems with dribbling, it is even more difficult for him to create his own scoring opportunities against well-placed defenses.

And logically, his 78 pace affects both sides of the field. In the next-gen version, we have the impression that it is benefited by the “Long” acceleration archetype. But even so, it is far from standing out for its speed. And old-gen, we notice even more that it is slow. A defect that prevents him from reaching the right place to defend at certain times, and that makes him more predictable with the ball.

Still very useful, but doesn’t perform well enough to pay that much

Due to his physical conditions, the 86 steal, the stars and his good passing numbers; Yaya Touré FUT Heroes still performs well in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It is not a letter that is out of place in competitive templates. The problem is that it doesn’t stand out much either..

A midfielder that is around 450,000 coins dIt should offer more on the pitch. That’s why we don’t recommend it.. Because of his popularity and for being a former Premier League player, perhaps many people think of him as a signing to finish some hybrid. But after testing it, we do not recommend spending so much on it.

We suppose that, at the beginning of FIFA 23, Yaya Touré FUT Heroes was quite special. But the overall level of Ultimate Team has increased and is no longer worth what it costs. It’s not hard to find more affordable cards that perform similarly or even better.

we leave you here our post about cards that are cheaper to return to the envelopes and that we can take advantage of. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join the Telegram broadcast channel. All the best!

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