Alpine skiing, one-two for Italy in the World Cup: Goggia and Brignone on the podium


After the crash in the only test and a day of waiting, Sofia Goggia scores the fifth win of the season and the number 22 of his career. In Crans Montana, Italy lives a day of glory, thanks also to the splendid second place of Federico Brignonejust 15 cents from the Goggia, for what is the 17th Italian brace in history.

A result that launches the Azzurre towards a grand finale of the seasonwith Goggia who is increasingly leading the specialty classification with 580 points, 179 more than Ilka Stuhec, who today doesn’t go beyond ninth place. And there are only two descents left at the end of the season.

The French Laure Gauche slips into third place, with bib number 26, 41 cents from the leader.

An excellent match for the Italians, who also place Laura Pirovano in seventh placeat 70 cents, at the 16th Martha Bassino with 1″19 of disadvantage, while Elena Curtoni is 1.63 behind her teammate, followed by Nadia Delago at 1″72. The others are more delayed.

The words of the Azzurri:

“They have been two complicated days – Goggia said -, especially when you have only one trial available and you crash at the fifth corner. I didn’t think I’d be at the finish line first, also because the conditions are constantly changing. However, there is something that defeats fear, which is the decision. You have to have the courage to be precise even when you’re not right inside. I didn’t make a bad descent, I made some mistakes and the sliding snow didn’t make things easy. I’m surprised to be in the lead, but I’m happy to have finished this race after a difficult period. Right now I can’t think about the specialty cup, because I have to concentrate on myself and on the best gesture to bring to the race. Then at the end of each race you look at the light and if it’s green it’s better. At the end of the season we’ll count on the Cup, for now I’m happy like this”.

“I’m a bit sorry I didn’t do the super-G in these conditions – he said Federico Brignone -. But I’m delighted. I haven’t done so well downhill, for three/four years. We had been waiting for two days and normally when there are these conditions I always manage to do well, to get active. The test was useless, the conditions have completely changed and whoever knew how to adapt better achieved the result. Next weekend there are two super-Gs and one downhill: I’ll see what to do for the downhill and I’ll try to do my best in the super-Gs that I care about very much”.

“The tenths that separate me from the podium burn – said Laura Pirovano -. We’re racing against the clock and I can’t focus on that gap. I have to think back to where I was last year and where I am now to understand how much I’ve grown”.

“I am disappointed with the result – Elena Curtoni -, it was not easy to find oneself at ease. I struggled with visibility. That’s how it went, it was a race and there will be others. The next two weekends will be fundamental and I will try to field what I can”.

The victory of Sofia Goggia in the downhill of Crans Montana it allowed Italy to reach 120 victories in the history of the women’s Alpine Skiing World Cup. The champion from Bergamo reached twenty-two victories, overcoming the Valle d’Aosta Federica Brignone, for an exciting derby full of successes. Third position occupied by the myth Deborah Compagnoni with 16 statements.

But here’s the detail:

  1. Sofia Goggia (17 DH, 5 SG)
  2. Federica Brignone (8 GS, 8 SG, 5 AC)
  3. Deborah Compagnoni (13 GS, 2 SG, 1 SL)
  4. Isolde Kostner (12 DH, 3 SG)
  5. Karen Putzer (4SG, 4GS)
  6. Denise Karbon (6GS)
  7. Marta Bassino (6 GS)
  8. Maria Rosa Quario (4SL)
  9. Claudia Giordani (2SL, 1GS)
  10. Sabina Panzanini (3 GS)
  11. Elena Curtoni (1 DH, 2 SG)
  12. Daniela Zini (2SL)
  13. Elena Fanchini (2 DH)
  14. Nadia Fanchini (1 DH, 1 SG)
  15. Bibiana Perez (K)
  16. Paola Magoni (SL)
  17. Lara Magoni (SL)
  18. Michaela Marzola (SG)
  19. Justina Demetz (DH)
  20. Clare Costazza (SL)
  21. Daniela Merighetti (DH)


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