ALL the fights and participants, date and location, discover everything about La Velada de Ibai


What a MADNESS of combats, discover the LEGENDS that will be at the third Evening of Ibai

we have had to wait more than half a year from the end of The Year 2 Soiree until you can meet the participants of La Velada del Año 3. We already had big bombings in La Velada 1 and, above all, in the evening 2. Ibai, accompanied by Sandor Martín and Reven, has been announcing on his direct little by little each fight with its relevant confrontation to warm up the fights in an incredible way.

Despite the problems at the beginning of the livewith cuts and delay between the image and the broadcast, Ibai and his team have managed to overcome these computer failures to continue with the live show. Read on to discover all the fighters of The evening of Year 3.

date of the evening

Saturday July 1

There are no tickets for sale yet, until all the artists are closed I don’t know they will start selling tickets. Ibai calculates that in March-April tickets will open so that everyone can organize themselves to go to La Velada. The minimum price will be €30although it may vary, is what the Ibai team estimates they will charge for the cheapest tickets.

The location of The Soiree of Year 3

metropolitan civitas the evening of year 3

It was a very difficult decisionseveral important places have been proposed to host the event but have finally decided to hold the event in the Cívitas Metropolitan Stadium Madridwhere will accommodate approximately 60,000 people. It is the state of Atletico Madrid.

Daddy Gavi VS Ampeter

First fight between two internet stars. Hawk, daddy gaviwill unleash punches like loaves to celebrate his victory with a pescadinha. Or it will be ampeterby7 the one who imposes himself with his aim from playing shooters so much?

Rivers VS Rivers

Duel of rivers, no, seriously now. sami riveraRivers_gg in networks against Marina Rivers, _riverss_ in networks. I’ll talk about them like Samy and Marina or I’ll go crazy so you understand me. Samy has experience in sports like soccerwhere she was a goalkeeper while Marina has been training in the gym for a long time and she made 10 years of balleitherhand in his childhood. Undoubtedly an unexpected duel.

Luzu VS Fernanfloo

luzu wants get even after not being able to fight due to an injury in Evening 2 in front of lolito While fernanfloo is one of the biggest legends on youtube in the entire history of content in Spanish.

Shelao VS ViruZz

And the capital surprise, or not, comes with ViruZz that repeats in the Evening for the third consecutive yearsome already call it the ramon garcia of the Evenings of Ibai… Shelao opens and will have the full support of Chileans, Shelao is famous in Chile for being Mister Real Universe in 2015 and he has even called ViruZz a fool in the presentation, cakes are coming…

Amouranth VS Mayichii

OK Ibai…You’ve done it, once again you’ve done it…Really? Amouranth!!! Well, yes, boys and girls, the fifth match of La Velada 3 is going to be bloody madness between Amouranth and Mayichii I don’t know what else to tell you the truth…

Coscu VS German Garmendia

Two of the biggest content creators in the Spanish-speaking community will face each other in what will be, for the first time in La Velada del Año, the sixth match. Yes friends, we will have six fights this time and the big dish also comes with these two great streamers who are going to give a lot to talk about. Coscu VS German Garmendia it comeseeeeeeee.


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