Ibai will continue until the end of this new Twitch Rivals, but he will do so as a guard

As I told you before, Squid Craft Games 2 premiered yesterday, and they did so reaping great success in terms of viewerssomething also motivated by AuronPlay’s return to Twitch and the fact of bringing together the great content creators. Yes indeed, This new Twitch Rivals also left us with the odd surprisethings as they are.

one of those surprises it was the death of Ibai in the gamesince the renowned streamer did not last beyond the second test of the first day. Now, it seems that the Bilbao native is far from having finished his career in this new event for streamers on Twitch. In fact, I am going to tell you what will be the new role of Ibai Llanos in the event.

Ibai has not finished his career in Squid Craft 2: now he will be one of the guards

  • It looks like, Ibai will continue in Squid Craft Games 2 and will do so as one of the guards.
  • On the first day, despite some glitches, we could hear Elisawaves and Synced in-game, though they also fill the roles of guards.
  • So now we can continue to count on Ibai in the event, as he himself announced live. Therefore, the renowned streamer will continue until the end.
  • Apparently, the Bilbao spoke with Komanche to talk about his death in Twitch Rivals, something that ended with the confirmation that Ibai would continue in Squid Craft 2but as one of the guards.
  • Per se, you shouldn’t intervene too much, since the guards are there to ensure that each test is carried out as it should be, but being Ibai it is difficult to think that he will stay on the sidelines for a long time.
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With all this, it is to be expected that this second day of Squid Craft Games 2 will leave us with several interesting headlines for tomorrow.


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