Before I start I want to make something clear: Forspoken is not a game cucumberand of course it is not the game that many of us thought we were going to receive when it began to be promoted. But from there it seems that it is the worst game that has been seen in years… well, the truth is, it seems to me that there is an absurd stretchespecially since one does not to read commentary on game ‘woke‘, black protagonist, bad dialogues and nonsense story that only lead you to think that 95% of the reviews are from people who haven’t even tried it.

For this reason, after having completed the game in just over 25 hours (on PS5), I want to reflect 3 reasons why Forspoken is far from the disaster that many want to sell you (BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE STORY).

Neither the dialogues nor the story are so bad

  • Is there cringe dialogue in Forspoken? Well yes, but these are mostly limited to the beginning of the story when the protagonist, someone who only has a cat in New York City and who keeps getting into trouble, finds herself magically transported to a parallel world. I suppose that in the ‘shock’ we would all make an objective analysis about the reality of the situation instead of freaking out that we suddenly have powers.
  • About Frey a little more specifically, I want to paint the following picture: a young woman without parents who, in order to survive in New York City, has gotten into trouble and has been in several lawsuits. Suddenly, one day her apartment is burned down and she must flee from a gang of thugs, to which she ends up teleporting out of nowhere to a magical world where she is ‘forced’ to fight to the death against queens with magical powers.. Is Frey borderline and unpleasant? Many times, but I UNDERSTAND IT.
Frey is not the most pleasant or well-spoken person in the world, but he is not the nightmare they tell you
  • The story specifically has a fairly simple structure in its development: the one you play for a few hours you realize that basically the idea is going to be to have to go and eliminate the Tantas of Athia. However, the truth is that there a couple of twists that I did not expect at all in the plot and that make the story much more interesting than it seems. Of course, playing the demo and watching trailers you don’t find out about that, huh?
  • The secondary characters do not have the depth of other games given that they do not have dedicated missions with which to explore them in greater quantity, which seems to me a mistake, but from there to say that none of them matter or are interesting… As you progress in the story and discover more about Athia and Frey, the main names that accompany the protagonist begin to take on a much more striking color that first

The combat system is cool

  • I was one of the people who didn’t try the demo, because I don’t like it. Either they make me want to play a game that I’m going to have to wait for, or they leave me with an idea that may not be representative. This is precisely what happened with Forspoken, because I later I have entered to play and without modifying controls in any way I adapted from the first moment to the combat system (which seems very intuitive to me for the zillions of options you end up having).
  • Fights in Forspoken are not complex. I’ve beaten the game on normal difficulty and there have only been a couple of things that I’ve found relatively challenging as such. In general, it is more to take into account the number of enemies than not the enemies themselves, which each one will value in their own way. I always like a little more challenge, really.
forspoken magic combat system
Fire magic is my favorite, and I have used this spell to burst
  • The theme of combining powers of different natures is not innovative, but it doesn’t hook you. Fire and water spells are personally my favorite, with AoE, summons, poisons and such that make fighting dozens of enemies not feel like a drag. I’ve played video games that didn’t get the point that enemies with infinite health bars don’t make a fight difficult, and Forspoken doesn’t fall for it.
  • One thing I quite liked is that while the enemies have weaknesses to certain magic natures, the truth is that you can have onemain‘ no problem (in my case the fire). If you invest enough points and resources, you can end up trusting one magic more than another if you feel more comfortable, although I personally recommend varying it because they all have their ‘what’.

Exploration and the open world

  • The open world is repetitive in the sense of the secondary activities that it proposes, that is undeniable. But in the same way I appreciate that almost all side activities provide useful things to improve your character. Something that I hated about Valhalla was having 4 million icons on the map and that quite a few were from activities that did not contribute anything to my doll.
  • When it comes to scrolling and browsing, Frey’s magical parkour rocks an egg. As you unlock powers, a lot of locations that you previously had completely blocked open up. When I unlock fast travel in most video games I use it, but the truth is that along with Marvel’s Spider-Man, Forspoken is one of the few that has motivated me to move on my own on most occasions.
forspoken parkour
One of the best ways I’ve seen to freely roam an open world

I’m not going to tell anyone to spend the grass that Forspoken is worth on the way out because I really don’t recommend it as such, but when it starts to drop in price yes I think it is a game that should be given a chance. This is not an official criticism, far from it, it is an article that I wanted to do personally because I have not understood where so many sticks have come from out of nowhere. Personally I have it as a game of 7, which I think is quite in line with the reviews in most media, but above all It seems to me a title that I know if given a chance, it will entertain more than one in a way that I did not expect.


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