Adriana Vásquez will star in “Blue’s Clues”


When Adriana Vásquez was little, she always wanted to be like Mary Poppins. She was not only dazzled by seeing Julie Andrews and her umbrella, but she was enchanted by the music, the characters and the special effects.

the venezuelan he has no record of how many times he has watched the tape. She is only aware that “I know every word. I used to tell my mom that one day I wanted to not only be like her, but to work in the artistic field to look like her.

Along with her fascination with the nanny, the Carúpano native was eager to watch comics. One of her favorites was “Blue’s Clues,” one of the children’s shows from the late ’90s that became a classic on Nickelodeon.

Adriana Vásquez will star in Blue's Clues
Photo: courtesy Adriana Vásquez

He grew up knowing the original characters, performing the songs, and following the blue dog’s clues.

What I did not know is that for the fourth season, which comes after a few years and with new stories and characters, she would be the protagonist. And for the Saxon version.

Vásquez was prepared from a very young age in Carúpano. She studied traditional dances and theater. She and later she resided in Barquisimeto, where she studied at the Sojo Conservatory. She came to Caracas and studied contemporary dance at Unearte.

A decade ago he went to study film in Toronto and got “You and Blue’s Clues”, which is the name of the return of the cute dog. “My character existed in the 1996 franchise. I am the owner of Magenta, Blue’s friend.”

How did you come to the series?

—From the beginning, the producers were looking for a Latina to reintroduce the character. They wanted an authentic Latina, who wasn’t just a Latina actress in looks but who sounded. That she felt, that she conveyed it. She did a long and rigorous casting for almost a year. Because the auditions were divided into several parts.

—The accent has always been a determining factor in Saxon industry. How could he get over it?

—I have the natural Latin sound, which was what they were looking for, because they don’t want it to go to extremes. You have to understand the pronunciation because it is a program for children between three and six years of age.

—Was there a moment when you doubted that you would stay?

—In addition to nationality, they also wanted to have chemistry with Josh, who is the owner of Blue. In the last phase they told me that I already had the character. Doing the scenes with him was fundamental. The last day I got to the set they told me that they thought to make Miranda look like a Venezuelan. That’s how I knew the role was mine.

My eyes watered. Not only for having obtained it but because there is nothing more beautiful than your character that brings it closer to what you represent. Before, “Latin” was something very general and the auditions were always aimed at other nationalities. Now they are more open to other countries.

—You have worked on other series such as “Billy The Kid”, from Metro Goldwyn Mayer. How was the change to this children’s production?

—»Blue’s Clues» is my first children’s production and, to get deeper, in addition to being a fan of Blue, I thought about everything I did at children’s parties when I was in Venezuela. The show premiered on the 10th of this month and the reception was very good. I don’t know when it will be seen in Latin America, but my greatest pride will be that it will be seen in most countries.

And about Billy… it’s a production set in 1880. It was incredible to walk on that set and to be transported to that time was the best.

—Would you like to participate in a Venezuelan production and with what kind of story and character?

—I would love to work in Venezuelan cinema and live the story of a Venezuelan heroine, telling all its facets. As for the plots, I am more dramatic.


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