Lately I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the fandoms. The user communities of great cultural phenomena such as One Piece, Attack on Titan, The Lord of the Rings, Halo or The Last of Us usually cause me a lot of rejection due to extremism and excessive fanaticism. However also You have to know how to emphasize the good parts of these groups, such as the great creativity of some people.

pokemon fandom It is gigantic and often hosts all kinds of internal confrontations due to the graphics of the latest video games. If we leave this aside and focus on the artistic side, the truth is that sometimes it is possible to come across little jewels that can make you smile or make you think about concepts that until now you did not have in mind. And this includes the fan arts.

A surprising fusion

  • The user rc1246 shared via the Pokémon Reddit a fan art the sea of ​​currado in which he shows us a combination between two Pokémon that we never imagined⭐
  • What would happen if Scizor and Porygon Z merged together?: Well, a creature with an amazing design would be born❗❗
  • See if this artist’s illustration liked the community so much that they even a debate was opened about whether GameFreak should include fusions in the next video games from the series❓
  • Would you like something like this? I already imagine playing with a union between Dragonite and Charizard…🤩
fan art

Fusions in the Pokémon world

This of the unions between two Pokémon to form a single one and that presents a great power is something that appears in Digimon but that always remained absent from Pokémon. It seems that more people than we thought would be delighted that this possibility was included in the future of the franchise, and as proof of this we have other hypothetical fusions like this one of Snorlax and Teddiursa.


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