A nostalgic trip to childhood


Ninja HaHaMaru At the time, it was an impact on children and young people who tended to go to play in the arcades, either with friends, to speed up time or even to find a new challenge, since the consoles of before used to bring a video game in a single cartridge. which got a bit repetitive after a while, but Ninja HaHaMaru I come up with an idea that would catch all those who tried it. That is why today to give you back a bit of your childhood we bring you a review of the classic Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai BattleI hope you like it.

Trailer for Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai Battle + Hell


The game as such does not provide us with a story to lean on, rather than the synopsis or plot that we can see in the different titles that we find in the deluxe version. In which we find that the princess Sakura was kidnapped by an evil pirate with the intention of bringing chaos to the world, for this, we as JaJaMaru will have to venture as talented Ninjas and without fear of success to rescue the princess, having to face the various Yokai that will stand in the way of our way and that they have the purpose of defeating us so as not to arrive with the princess, although this is not going to happen, because like all professionals we will fulfill our objective.

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Variety of games

The game offers us a great diversity of styles, both of the game and of the visual section that we find, which sometimes seem to refer to or have certain similarities with other titles, but which are changed at convenience to adapt to the ninja game. We can find all this in one part of the game, because we will have another edition in which we will be in an arcade type with a somewhat entertaining theme, since we will find several levels where we can choose one of many characters that will have more life, better attacks or better skills, which will help us facilitate and complete 100% what the game offers us as a challenge.

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Although the first part of this game is quite entertaining, to my liking having to unlock the characters, soundtrack and even completing all the challenges was even more to my liking, because even if they don’t give you a recognition or prize for Said action, the simple fact of seeing that the levels, the characters and other extras are unlocked and completed leaves a feeling of satisfaction when feeling fulfilled.

The soundtrack and scenarios is also a plus, as it reminds you of the videogames of yesteryear with their characteristic soundtracks, which once you start listening you feel like you’re playing those titles that were in 8 bits again. The gameplay with the controllers feels somewhat intuitive, although it does make you feel a bit nostalgic for the fact that there are more buttons that feel a bit out of place for this type of video game.

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Undoubtedly Ninja HaHaMaru It represents a fairly moderate challenge, in addition to being a game that hooks you at the slightest time, it even becomes more fun if it is played in the company of a friend or family member with whom you share this type of taste and who will undoubtedly take few hundred hours to pass the challenges that Ninja HaHaMaru offers.

Before finishing we would like to thank the editor ININ GAMES for letting us try this wonderful game on the Nintendo Switch console, it certainly brought back some cherished memories that you can relive by playing Ninja HaHaMarudon’t forget that you can get your copy of Ninja JaJaMaru on the following consoles:

Without more to say for now, I say goodbye, I was BlackDemon and we’ll see you in a future review.


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