According to survey data, most Thais spend up to 9 hours a day on smartphones and computers. The more you concentrate on the screen. It was found that decision-making abilities and thinking systems were also affected. It causes a lack of concentration and slow thinking of things. If you want to restore your concentration, you should keep practicing the habit of staying away from IT devices or doing a Digital Detox starting from a short time. For example, try limiting the time you use your hands. hold Or refrain from surfing social media for 1 hour/day, which will have a measurable effect on the body and mind. It was found that people who turn off communication devices at specific times each day feeling less irritable and jittery It helps the brain to focus more on work, concentrate and feel clear. Because you don’t have to get lost in the huge amount of information that passes through your eyes in the online world all the time. Here are some ideas for doing a Digital Detox to help restore concentration. through simple and practical methods in daily life

  1. Set a time to stop using smartphones and the Internet, for example, refrain from using mobile phones from 12.00-13.00 every day.
  2. Cut off from digital distractions every Saturday-Sunday, such as not consuming stressful news. Don’t play mobile phones on the dining table.
  3. Delete unnecessary and time consuming applications such as games, too many photo editing apps.
  4. Switch from using your phone to taking a walk, exercising, or spending time with friends. or family members
  5. Go out and experience more nature around you. It helps to reduce stress well.
  6. Restricting the time you use your smartphone for the first few days can be torturous. But don’t give up too quickly.
  7. Keep a journal of your feelings throughout the Digital Detox and notice the changes.


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