2023 budget of the capital, Masi: “We need funds for the Vittorio Emanuele of Ostia”


Rome – “We have been fighting for years to ensure that Rome Capital focuses its attention on the situation of the former Colony Vittorio Emanuele of Ostia, which is pouring into abandonment and degradation also due to an occupation that has been going on for too long and in which there have been several episodes of illegality. We can’t wait any longer.” This is what we read in a press release signed by Mariacristina Masicouncilor of the Brothers of Italy in the Capitoline Assembly.

“We will have to act – he adds – with the support of social services to help those in difficulty and offer alternative solutions by moving in concert with those in charge in order to clear out the illegally occupied part and thus return to the city one of the most prestigious and beautiful buildings on the Rome coast. For this reason we will take care, if the Mayor hesitates again, to contact the Prefect. For now we have taken a small step in the balance sheet in the Campidoglio – continues Masi – where it is our act has been approved which asks us to consider the need to provide for the restructuring and redevelopment of the complex in question given its historical and architectural value. The need is to have resources available to provide for the redevelopment, so we hope that the Mayor will seriously implement what has been indicated, given that over the years these funds have never reached their destination despite the many promises” he concludes.

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