I am a danger when I enter a store, whether it is physical or digital. And no, it’s not because I’m going to commit a robbery or anything like that. But because I’m the type to say ‘I’m just going to take a look’ and then walk out with their hands full. That is what has happened to me these days in which Nintendo has a promotion called ‘February Festival’.

This promotion is available on the Nintendo eShop and has an extensive catalog full of games on sale. there are for all tastes and all possible prices, above all, for those of us who, today, seek to save as much as we can. That is why, today, I am going to recommend several games that have caught my attention and whose price does not exceed €5.

10 Nintendo eShop games that you can enjoy for less than €5

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These are just some of the hundreds and hundreds of games that make up the Nintendo promotion and that will only be available until next February 26, 2023. Once the date has passed, they will return to their usual prices and you will have to wait for future sales to get them at a lower price.

Other games discounted at very interesting prices


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